Monday, November 26, 2012

Giving Thanks, Day 26

I know I mentioned my family before in my "thankful" posts. And I feel like I haven't gushed too much, which I try hard not to.

But today I'm grateful for my little girl. She has already taught me so many things in her short 2 years. She is sweet, curious, adventurous, and incredibly energetic. She has a special wonder for everything she comes in contact with. She is friendly and loves to hand out smiles and waves like they're going out of style. She loves to be helpful (or at least try). She loves imitating me, whether it's "cooking" or mothering David or strutting around wearing my shoes and purse. (And yes, she does strut. She preens. She's got her own little 2-year-old swagger that says, "I'm hot stuff...and I know it.")

She loves to express her opinion about everything, whether it's actual words, nonsensical babble, a loud and emphatic "NO!", or an outright temper tantrum.

She is very caring and protective of David. She can maul him til the world ends, but heaven forbid if she doesn't know you and you try to "take him away" from her. I have no fear that David will EVER be kidnapped with Amy around. She'd make too big of a scene.

She's using a lot more words these days. One day she was in the bathroom with me while I was primping...I think the Wednesday before our family pictures. She was babbling away at me and seemed to be asking a question, so I told her "I want to look pretty for Daddy." Now she's picked up on "pretty". She'll tell me "pretty" when I'm doing my makeup, or when I'm fixing her hair. It's sweet, although of course the overprotective mother part of me is hoping that I haven't already managed to give her body image issues.

At one point in our marriage, I was afraid we wouldn't be able to conceive (despite Brett's continuing assertions that everything was fine and I was overreacting). I prayed so hard for Amy to come into our family. I begged and pleaded with my Heavenly Father. I went to the temple often, and sat quietly, crying, begging. "For this child I prayed; and the Lord hath given me my petition."

I am so grateful for this sweet person, for the tiny little ball of energy that made me a mother.

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