Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Diet update!

Since getting some flack from my sister-in-law about the naming system Brett and I use, this will now be referred to as the anti-McDiet. (Better, Nancy? ;) ) Don't want to be confusing people or anything. ;)

My diet is going fairly well. I'm surprised at how easy it's been to avoid the fast food. The first day or two were pretty tough. I felt like my mouth was watering nonstop and all I could think about was big, juicy Sourdough Jack with a large Coke, light ice. Yes, that specific. Wednesday night, after not getting my usual fast food on my way to class, I actually had DREAMS about it. Not even joking. And I seriously drooled on my pillow. Who wouldn't?!

It's been a lot harder not to drink soda, much as I thought it would be. Coke is my go-to pick-me-up on those days when I haven't slept well (which happen more than I'd like), but I've got to be up with the kids. Like today. Today would SO be a Coke day. I actually thought that when I was awoken this morning by Amy banging stuff on the walls in her room. "Wow, today is definitely a Coke day....oh wait." Yeah...bummer. But I'm determined not to fall off the wagon! So I'm going to keep myself as busy as possible this morning in the hopes that when we get home, the kids will crash and so can I. :D I really hope they cooperate.

According to the dreaded scale, I've lost a little over 2 pounds...which really doesn't amount to anything since your weight can fluctuate by as much as 4 pounds daily. I'm not really too bummed about it. I didn't expect huge results on the scale since I'm focusing on diet and not adding in exercise yet. But I'm confident that I'll see changes in the long run.

Physiologically, other than weight, it's hard to quantify any changes. I don't think about fast food as much as I did at the beginning of the week. I'm not really feeling the "need" to go get a burger, although admittedly, it still does sound REALLY good. (Sourdough Jack, anyone?) But it's a thought I can easily dismiss rather than feeling like I have to give into it. Soda-wise, I still do feel like I need Coke, at least on a morning like today. (Amy is definitely NOT sick anymore, and is making up for her last two energy-less days.) Well, I guess "need" isn't really the right word here, either. It's a thought I can dismiss. I think, "Wow, a Coke would really be great right now. Give me an energy boost, taste yummy...Nah. Not worth it."

That's the biggest change for me right now, and it is one that I'm thrilled to be seeing already. My willpower is winning! I can look at fast food and soda, and even though it looks great and I can practically taste it when I think about it, I can also tell myself that it's not worth it! And then I just move on. No more debating with myself, trying to talk myself out of it and failing miserably. No more feeling guilty. No more hiding.

Just the assertion that is is NOT WORTH IT. And it's not.

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