Sunday, November 18, 2012

Giving Thanks, Day 18

Tonight I'm grateful for opportunities to step outside my comfort zone. A couple of days ago, I was asked to sub for the teacher in Relief Society (our church's women's group) today. I've never taught a class of adults before. The women in my ward are incredibly intelligent, and many of them are older than I am (which makes it hard for me to feel like they're my peers, even though we're all adults). So, I was really intimidated at the prospect of trying to teach these women anything, especially since the topic of the lesson was raising children in light and truth. I'm just starting out on my journey as a parent, and most of the women have older children, or grown children.

I was seriously terrified. Not going to lie. I've mentioned before about how I am a GREAT worrier. So, of course, I started worrying. What if no one participates? (Probably my greatest fear...a silent room.) What if I don't have enough material planned? What if I have too much? What if, what if, what if. Seriously, my list of worries was pretty much endless. I considered telling them no, that I wouldn't teach. But I felt like 1)if they're calling me, they're probably pretty much desperate, and 2)I'm being given this opportunity for a reason. So I accepted.

As expected, it was terrifying. :) I was shaking pretty much the whole time. BUT. There was a ton of participation from the women (thank goodness), and I ended my lesson right on time. I really felt guided by the Spirit as to what to say, and I thought the women had some really great insights. All in all, it was definitely a success! A great learning experience for me.

And hopefully one I won't need to repeat for a really, really long time. :)

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