Sunday, November 11, 2012

Giving Thanks, Day 10

I am so grateful for the Atonement. I have made many, many mistakes in my life. There are periods of time from my past where I pretty much regret everything. I was not a good person. I was young, I was stupid, I was selfish. I am so glad that part of my life is over.

But I'm even more thankful for my Savior. I'm thankful that He came to this earth, lived a perfect life, and loved me so much that He suffered for MY sins. He felt MY pain. He knows my regret, my shame, my self-loathing. And He loves me anyway. Despite how imperfect and unworthy I am. He has taken on all that sin and imperfection and paid for it, so that I can return to my Father in Heaven.

I don't deserve it. He knows it. And I know He knows it. And that's why I'm so grateful.

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