Monday, November 19, 2012

Giving Thanks, Day 19

Last night we had an interesting experience. Occasionally Amy has nights where she (sort of) wakes up screaming, can't be calmed down, and will repeat the experience several times through the night. Last night was one of those nights. I'm not sure if it's a bad nightmare, actual night terrors, or something else. But it's not consistent and doesn't happen terribly often. When it does, though, it makes for one crappy night.

I went to bed early last night since I was exhausted, so, around 10pm. A little before midnight I woke up to Amy screaming bloody murder. Brett had already gotten her and was downstairs trying to calm her down, and it just wasn't working. I got up to help, and after a while she finally settled down and Brett put her back in bed. 15 minutes later, she was screaming again. This time I got up, brought her into our room, and put her in bed with me in the hopes that having me there with her would help her fall back asleep for good. A couple of minutes later, Brett came into the room and said he felt like he should give her a priesthood blessing.

In the LDS faith, worthy men hold the priesthood, or the authority to act in God's name. They can use the priesthood for ordinances in the church (such as baptism), and they can also give blessings of comfort, counsel, and/or healing. Brett holds the priesthood.

Amy and I sat up in the bed, and Brett proceeded to give her one of the most powerful blessings I have ever witnessed. We're not sure why the Lord wanted Amy to have that blessing last night, but He did. Amy went to sleep soon thereafter and slept through the night.

I am so grateful Brett holds the priesthood, and is worthy to use it. I'm grateful that he listens to and obeys promptings he receives from the Holy Spirit. I'm grateful for the power and influence of the priesthood in my own life. I've always had a firm testimony of priesthood power, thanks to my dad. I'm so thankful the Lord has given us such a tremendous blessing.

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