Thursday, November 15, 2012

Giving Thanks, Day 15

Tonight we spent the evening at our friends' house. We ate, played games, and dealt with crabby kids. :) (Mostly ours.) And then we had a massive explosion in Amy's diaper. Not really sure where that came from, but, suffice it to say without getting into disgusting detail, it was NASTY.

So, tonight, I am grateful for a husband who says, "It's okay, Laura, I've got this one. You go in the other room." I'm grateful for a husband who loves his children. I'm grateful for Brett, who is a wonderful father, who is helpful around the house and with the kids. I'm grateful that he is so involved with our children. Yeah, he has his moments when he doesn't want to deal with them, but so do I. (And what parent doesn't?!)

I am so thankful for a husband who truly believes in an equal partnership, and practices it.

And yes, that he is willing and offers to change some of the most disgusting diapers ever known to mankind.

Brett, you rock. Thanks for being an awesome guy. I'm glad I married you and that we made 2 cute kids together.

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