Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving Thanks, Day 21

Oh my goodness. Today is just turning out to be a fantastically fun day (said in the most sarcastic tone humanly possible). We leave after Brett gets off work to go to Ohio for Thanksgiving (woo hoo! Shrimp ball, here I come!), the laundry isn't finished yet, which means I haven't even started packing, the kitchen needs to finish being cleaned up, and I still have a few errands to run. (Oh yeah...and that 10-page research paper plus 20-minute multimedia presentation for my final in 2 weeks...)

To top my morning off....or should I say, to START my morning off, I was greeted by a disaster in the kids' room. No, Amy hadn't taken her diaper off, we put her in her jammies backwards now.

She took David's off, instead. Yup. And, of course, he'd pooped, and then he pooped again post-diaper. So, he was filthy, and poop was smeared all over his sheets and the bumper pad and him. And various spots on the floor. I may have cried. (Yeah...definitely cried.)

So this morning, I am grateful for my washing machine. Oh my goodness, am I grateful for it. It means I can just chuck nasty, dirty, poopy stuff in there, turn it on, and let the machine work its magic. No scrubbing for me! (Although I did rinse his PJs out. Small price to pay.) I can spend the time I would have spent scrubbing the clothes by hand doing other things! Like bathing both children and trying to get poop out of the carpet, all while not losing my temper. Another modern convenience that has changed our lives.

Yes, I am most definitely grateful for my washer & dryer.

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