Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yay for family!

I am so excited about the next few days. We're having a family reunion! (Although sadly, Kristin and her family can't make it, and I'm totally bummed about that.) So 3 of the 4 sisters who live out of state will be coming in with their families to spend a few days with all of us and have some fun!

The Leighs (Sharon, who is the 2nd oldest sister, and her family) are arriving this afternoon. I can hardly wait! They come up fairly often to visit and we had a BLAST when we went to Mississippi back in March. She is just such a fun person, and I love being around her! I'm picking Brett up from work so we can go straight down and start spending time with them. Spencer is great, and we just love the girls! They're so adventurous. And little Matt is just adorable. I can't wait to see him and Amy playing together again!

Tomorrow the Lambs and the Coffeys arrive. The Lambs being my oldest sister, Miriam, and her family, and the Coffeys being my 3rd oldest sister Annette and her family. We don't get to see the Lambs often because a) They live in Texas, which is quite a long drive, and b) because they are just so busy! Gordon teaches at a university, Miriam teaches private piano and voice lessons, and their girls are always involved in something. I can't imagine living life at the pace they do, I would just be a basketcase! We haven't seen them since last summer, so it will be great to hang out with them.

The Coffeys live the closest to us, and we get to see them fairly often too. (I guess I should define "fairly often". A few times a year, I think, is fairly often when the families live out of state and a visit means many hours of driving, especially with small children.) So I'm excited to see Annette, Joseph, and their family. Kimball and Rebecah are so fun to watch! I love reading Annette's blog to keep up to date on everything that happens in their family.

We won't be doing anything earth-shattering, but I'm just looking forward to hanging out with my family. Naturally since it's a Johnson gathering, there will be plenty of food involved! Tomorrow morning I'll be helping Mom with the 3 desserts we're making to celebrate the summer birthdays. There will be lots of playing, and we'll be getting out sprinklers and wading pools for the kids.

I'm just so excited I can hardly contain myself! I just love my family!

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