Friday, May 13, 2011

First "official" order!

It's pretty obvious from the pictures I'm always posting that I love baking cakes. (And I am most definitely keeping up with my goal this year, I'm actually doing MORE cakes.)

A few weeks ago, I made a German chocolate cake for Kyra, a friend from church who teaches my Zumba class. It was a big hit! (Which of course always makes me really happy.) There was some talk and a few suggestions made that I should start actually selling my cakes. I'm pretty sure I mentioned this in an earlier post.

The tough part about doing something like that is that I have to be SUPER careful. To actually have a "bakery" I would have to have a stainless steel kitchen, etc. etc. and comply with a bunch of regulations. So I can't have an actual "bakery". What I CAN do is sell cakes to people I already know, like family and friends. But I still have to be pretty cautious about it. I'm in the midst of my research right now, as I would love to start a website but I'm not sure how to do it so that I don't "get in trouble".

(Any ideas or input from my readers would be very welcome!)

At any rate, Kyra emailed me yesterday with my first "official" cake order. So, I'll be making a carrot cake for her mother-in-law's birthday on the 19th. Yay! I'm so excited. I'm definitely looking forward to making a beautiful cake!

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  1. That's amazing! Great work. I know Missouri is a pain when it comes to in home baking, but doing it for family and friends shouldn't be an issue I wouldn't think. It's when you sell to the public that you have to have a separate kitchen entirely! Have fun!