Saturday, May 7, 2011

My evolution of Mothers' Day

I honestly don't remember much about Mothers' Days growing up. That sounds kind of bad. I know we celebrated. But I don't really remember particulars.

Once I got married, I started looking forward to having a family and really being able to celebrate being a mother. The longer it took us to get pregnant, the more frustrated I got. Mothers' Day got very...difficult, especially at church. Obviously, people didn't know about our difficulties. But all day it was comments about when were we going to start having kids, and wasn't it about time for us to start a family. It was really hurtful, bad enough that the Mothers' Day before I got pregnant, we ended up leaving church early because I just couldn't deal with all the well-meaning people anymore. I still feel kind of bad about that.

Fast forward a year, and I was pregnant. I was ecstatic! I was so thrilled that it was finally happening. Our ward does a really nice little thing for the women on Mothers' Day. The men take over all the classes, etc. in the third meeting so that the women can be together for a special lesson, and then they have this amazing spread for us. Fruit and veggies, dips, sweets, drinks. Yum! It was so great.

This year will be my first "real" Mothers' Day. I'm pretty excited. I think it means more to me now since I'm a mother. We're going to be going down to my mom's after church tomorrow to have dinner with her and my two sisters who live at home. I can't think of a better way to celebrate than with my own mom!

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