Monday, December 8, 2014

Photos and Catfish

It just occurred to me that some people might be wondering why, suddenly, my blog URL is on every (new) picture I'm posting. Yes, it's obnoxious. Yes, it's a lot more work.

I've been seeing/hearing a lot lately about catfishing on the internet. In addition to dating sites/facebook, it's also really prevalent on parenting-themed message boards. I've seen catfish uncovered, and I've even been accused once of being one, which was infuriating to me.

Basically, a person will pull photos off the web and pretend the photos are theirs. I've seen an entire LIFE created around another person's photos. Convincingly, for a time. Often these catfish use the photos to create stories and generate sympathy for themselves, sometimes leading to actual monetary benefit from donations from concerned strangers who don't know any better.

So, I've started adding text to my photos. It's annoying (certainly to me, since I have to edit each individual picture). It means you can't download pretty, clean pictures for your personal use. It also means my family will be more difficult to take advantage of if someone were to try. So...yeah.

If you want a specific picture or pictures to download and print off, just let me know. I'm happy to email photos.

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