Monday, December 8, 2014


I'd had this fantastic plan for MONTHS that for Halloween this year, we would go as the Incredibles. How cool would that be?! We even have the right number of people now, and Amy & David are at least in the right order. No one would care that "JackJack" was a girl!

I was totally geared up for it. Until about 2 weeks before Halloween, when Amy suddenly threw a fit about the idea and staunchly refused to participate. Now, in many cases, I tell her to suck it up (not in so many words). But Halloween is magical, especially for little kids, and I don't want to take that away by imposing my (albeit Incredibly awesome) ideas on her. Since she's old enough to express an opinion, I (grudgingly) accept that. I WANT her to have a say over her body and what she does with it.

So, when she told me she wanted to be Merida for Halloween, I figured, eh, what the heck. She already had the dress, bow, and arrows thanks to her birthday being Merida-themed this year. But...that left me with 4 costumes to figure out in 2 weeks.

I quickly decided David and Olivia would be bears. Easy, I could buy them on Amazon for dirt cheap, and I could layer them to keep them both (especially Livvie) warm. Brett and I, of course, would be Fergus and Elinor.

Brett's costume was also fairly easy. He already had the chain mail and sword. We bought him a super cheap kilt. I made a bear-fur cape and a leather shirt (which, I'm proud to say, I did completely off the top of my head and with only an old t-shirt for a guide).

I had a cloak I intended to wear that I'd made YEARS ago when Brett and I were first married for a different costume. That just left the dress. It turned out well, and I'm satisfied, although it's not quite what I wanted because they were out of a specific color of material. Still, it worked just fine.

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