Monday, December 8, 2014

Kids at Play (COSI Edition)

Thanksgiving this year was special for us. The Sunday before, Barry & Barbara came through St. Louis on their way home. They brought one of the Kansas cousins, and picked up Amy and David for a fun few days with Grama and Papa before the holiday. Barry and Barbara do this pretty regularly for their grandkids, especially during the summer, but this was Amy & David's first time with them. Apparently they did quite well, and they look forward to a special "vacation" in Ohio again soon!

After an incredibly productive 2.5 days with only one child, Brett, Livvie, and I drove up to Ohio on Wednesday. And we weren't the only ones! Both of Brett's siblings living stateside (Brandon and Co. are in China for 2 years) also came to Ohio for Thanksgiving. We haven't all gotten together in a LONG time, so it was really special! We even got to Skype with Brandon and his family on Thanksgiving, which was the next best thing to them actually being present.

One of the fun things we did with everyone was to go to the COSI museum in Columbus, OH. It's an interactive science-y thing. For St. Louisans, think a combination of the Science Center and the Magic House with a little dash of the City Museum.

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  1. I'll have to send you my pics of your family. The part of this museum for littles looks like more fun than the rest of it. Heather