Monday, December 8, 2014

Olivia's Baby Blessing

Usually in the LDS church, a baby blessing is performed for an infant. They're surrounded by a group of men (generally male relatives of the family and close friends) who help hold the baby, and the baby is given a name and a blessing. This is usually done in the congregation the baby and her parents live in, but can be done elsewhere. Since we were going to be together with Brett's family, we opted to do the blessing at their home on Thanksgiving. Brett, Barry, Bodie, and Gary participated in the blessing while the rest of us (including Brandon and his family via Skype) observed.

It is culturally traditional (though in no way required) for the baby to be dressed in white. (Yeah, I know "culturally traditional" is kind of redundant.) I've been on a sewing kick lately, and I really wanted to make Livvie's dress myself. It was definitely difficult, but there were only a few minor hiccups that I overcame pretty readily. In the end, I'm extremely pleased with the result. I love how it turned out. The "bling" on her sash is a pin I purchased, and I also purchased her headband.

And for some reason, I'm only now realizing we didn't do pictures with everyone. So, um...sorry guys. I feel like a complete schmuck now. That was not intentional.

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  1. Her dress was gorgeous. I'm impressed that you got some with your little family. It was chaotic since we were skyping with Brandon's family right then. Heather