Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Caution: Falling Ice!

One of the most stressful situations we've been put in recently came about because of a fun little thing called a hailstorm. Living in Missouri, hail is fairly commonplace since the temperature changes so rapidly so often. Generally speaking, they're tiny little things, from a little speck the size of a peppercorn, to maybe pebble-sized.


April 28th, we had a DOOZY of a hailstorm. I know that sounds so corny, but that just is the best way to describe it. Amy and I were on our way home from helping out down at Mom's. We stopped in at Schnucks, then proceeded down the road to our apartment. As we pulled out of the parking lot, little hailstones started bouncing off the windshield. I didn't really think anything of it, since it's not really anything strange. And then they got bigger. And bigger. And bigger. And bigger.

The road from Schnucks to my apartment is a 2-lane road with no shoulder. There is no place to pull off, and no cover. It's usually about a minute, maybe a minute and a half to make that drive. The closer I got to our complex, the bigger the hailstones got, and the harder they were hitting the car. When the first big stone whacked into the windshield, I screamed. Seriously, it looked like a massive ball of ice was coming for my head. Which, it pretty much was. Amy started crying. It was truly terrifying. I had no choice but to keep driving slowly and hope that maybe there was an available spot in the covered parking scattered around the complex.

No such luck. So, we pulled up in front of our building. No way was I getting out of the car until the hail stopped. So, I climbed into the back seat (no small feat), unbuckled Amy, and pulled her into my lap. Poor thing was shaking she was so scared. She clung to me like her life depended on it. In the meantime, it sounded like the car was being attacked by a mob with sledgehammers. I kept seeing hail striking the windshield and watched as it cracked, over and over.

A few minutes later, it stopped. Brett came out to help us, and we ran inside, as it was still raining. Later, we went out to inspect our cars. Both of them ended up being totaled.

The video of my car post-hail is uploading right now to youtube. I'll update with that video when it's done and I have time.

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