Tuesday, May 22, 2012

(Another) Apartment Search

I HATE apartment living. Really. I despise it. I loathe it. I pine for the day when I can actually own a home.

Our limit seems to be 2 years in a given apartment complex. Legitimately, we're usually looking for more space, but it also has a lot to do with how much we end up hating the lease office and its employees. We were actually pretty happy the first year, and then the complex was bought out by another company. Enter tons of problems, maintenance orders not being put in, MAJOR attitude from anyone and everyone we ever spoke with, and not ONCE receiving a call back, despite innumerable promises.

We knew we wouldn't be resigning our lease here, which is up June 15th. Our apartment, despite being a 2bed/2bath, is really pretty small. It's small with just Amy running around, and by the time next year comes around, I would be trying to keep 2 small kids in check here. So, we decided to look around. We looked at townhomes and a few houses, and we were getting kind of discouraged. It was a bit difficult, because most of our income comes from student grants/loans, so we don't have a high "monthly" income, which is what places look at.

After a lot of hard work, and a lot of hard praying, we found an awesome place. It's a townhome, and the complex is managed by a woman we know from church. There's no big clubhouse with all the extra "amenities" that we never use. That means that rent is way lower than any comparable place! We'll be paying just $15/month more than we are now for twice the space with a finished basement and washer & dryer. No more laundromat. No more hearing elephants thundering around above us at all hours of the night (although we do have really good neighbors--they just walk really loudly). No more attitude.

We'll be moving the first weekend in June, and plan on staying in this new place until Brett graduates and gets a job, at which point we'll look to buy a house.

Pictures will come when I have them!

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