Saturday, February 19, 2011

An interesting and funny adventure!

Last night, my friend Dereth and I went to the movies. We've been planning it for a couple of weeks, and we were so excited! We went to see this:

And for some reason, it completely missed us that The Green Lantern doesn't open in theaters until June 17th! I have no clue how we missed that. We looked up times, got to the theater, purchased our tickets, sat through half an hour of the movie, before realizing we'd mixed it up with this instead:

Um...whoops? So instead of getting to watch a really, really good-looking, muscular Ryan Reynolds in spandex (yeah, yeah, I know), we watched about half an hour of a really lame movie with a much less good-looking Seth Rogen.....not so much fun.

But it was such an adventure! When we finally figured it out (and felt incredibly stupid for the mistake), we decided to leave. On our way out, we spoke with a manager. I was totally honest with him and admitted it was our mistake, but asked if maybe we could get a refund. He was super nice and gave us vouchers for a free movie, which was just fine with me!

So we ended up going here instead:
The Oberweis Ice Cream and Dairy store in front of Lowes in Bradley, IL

Yum! It was delicious! I had two scoops of something...I think it was Fudge Brownie Twirl? Whatever it was, it was amazing, and we played several hands of Uno while we laughed at ourselves. (Dereth wiped the floor with me!)

So even though the movie was a complete bust, it was so much fun, and a real adventure!


  1. Have you noticed that one of the set flavors at Coldstone is called Cookie Minster? I take a picture with my cell phone everytime and then forget about it again.

  2. I have noticed! My sisters think it's particularly hilarious, so occasionally Amy gets called Cookie. :)

  3. IN the end, this day will be far more memorable than if you had been able to see the movie you thought you were seeing! And I'm glad you can laugh at yourself.