Friday, December 21, 2012

David turns 1!

Holy cow! It is SO hard to believe that it's already been a year. I find that, like a lot of things in my life these days, the time seems to be streaking by faster than I can keep track of it. My little man is already a whole year old. Where did the time go?!

David has grown so much in the last year! He was nice and chubby when he was born, and although he's thinned out a bit, he's still got that adorable belly! He's got some seriously cute cheeks, too. And thighs. Let's just say that I'm having fun having a kid without weight issues!

What an active boy! David seems determined to catch up to Amy in every possible way. He started walking around 10 months, and by now is quite proficient, although shoes occasionally give him trouble. He's very vocal and makes a lot more noise than Amy ever did. Probably because that's his way to get my attention when Amy is pushing/pulling/sitting on him or taking away a toy, etc. You know, typical toddler behavior.

While David is certainly active, he has much more of a mellow personality than Amy. What a blessing that is! I'm exhausted enough running after the two of them. I simply can't imagine what it would be like if he was as busy as his big sister! He definitely has needs and wants. He's curious about everything, but he's much more patient with things. He'll take the time to sit and examine something and try to figure it out, rather than flitting from one toy to the next. He's much more of a cuddler, and when he's sleepy, he's content just to sit on my lap or Brett's and chug a sippy cup of milk.

We had a little party for him this past weekend, and will be celebrating some more with family on Sunday, so I'll post birthday party pictures this coming week.

For now, though, enjoy some super cute pictures of our handsome little man!

David happily sitting in my stock pot:

Eagerly awaiting the arrival of party guests:

"Om nom nom...."

Present from Grammy:

Checking out trains with Daddy at the Botanical Garden:

Comparison of him this week with him at only a few weeks old:

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