Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Warning: Crazy pregnant lady!

So, time for a funny story! I didn't think this was really worth writing about until I was on the phone with Miriam and the both of us were laughing about it rather uncontrollably. (Yes, there were tears, at least on my end of the line!)

Part of me being on bedrest means I'm stuck at home while Brett does the shopping. (Which drives me NUTS.) I've been waiting for our Christmas money to get here to get the stuff I need to make Christmas gifts this year. Well, it finally came, so I was ready to go shopping! Part of our trip took us to Walmart. I really needed to go in, but obviously can't walk nearly that much. Soooo.....

I used a "fat cart". (Yes, that's how Brett and I refer to them. It's not PC. I'm okay with that.)

Really, it was my only option. But me riding around in an electric scooter was NOT particularly attractive to me. Oh well. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right? Christmas presents were at stake here! So, I swallowed my pride (mostly) and commandeered a fat cart. (Not really commandeered, since I asked for one, but that sounds cooler.)

I figured I could either be embarrassed and miserable and wishing I were wearing a burqa, or I could at least TRY to make it fun. Brett got another cart for Amy to ride in, and we started off on our shopping adventure.

First of all, I am impressed at how quickly those things can go! Not that there was any danger of me outstripping Brett, but I definitely had no trouble keeping up. Also, it was WAY faster than I would've been able to walk.

Second, they have a surprisingly good turn radius (which was incredibly helpful, as I felt like I was in driver's ed again for the first little while), as well as stopping very quickly (also essential).

So, I got to zip around the store. A few times, if the aisle was empty, Brett and I would "race". Granted, he could've easily beaten me, but we made it fun by staying neck and neck most of the time. Amy thought we were hysterical. I'll do pretty much anything to make her giggle!

At one point I realized I'd forgotten to grab something, so I left Brett and Amy looking at work shoes and headed back to the grocery section. I was zooming. Yeah, not the best idea. I took a corner pretty fast to get into an aisle, and almost ran into a woman and her cart. Um....oops. I apologized profusely to the lady, who laughed it off. We exchanged a couple of jokes (including needing lessons to operate one of those things), she inquired about my pregnancy, and wished me luck. She was really nice. I was pretty embarrassed, but I'm glad she took it so well!

So if anyone needs a good laugh, just picture me zipping around Walmart in one of these babies:

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