Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy birthday to me! (And Harry Potter)

On Sunday I celebrate my 25th birthday. Happy quarter of a century! :) I actually had my celebration spread out over 3 days. I love when that happens.

Saturday, my mom came up and watched Amy for us so that Brett could take me to see the last Harry Potter movie. I LOVED it! I've been a Harry Potter fan for quite a while (since the beginning, really, and that's a LONG time), so I'm a bit sad to see the end. Still, I thought it was really well done and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was nice to get out without Amy for a while! After we got home, Brett made steak and asparagus. It was delicious! I'm still waiting on my Tollhouse pie, though.....(HINT HINT, Brett!)

Sunday the 31st was my actual birthday. After church we went down to my mom's. We had a Chinese chicken salad, which was delicious, bread, and a frozen toffee pie. I used to joke about my mom's refusal to turn on the oven during the hot parts of the summer (sorry, Mom), but with the heat index being over 105 for the past couple of weeks, even I don't want to bake. I happily accepted a no-bake dinner. Who wants to eat hot food when it's 115 out? Not me! I opened some presents, including some hair stuff from Channie and popcorn and oil to go with the Whirley Pop Mom got for me. I'm so excited! I love love LOVE kettle corn, and the last time Sharon was up here, we made a batch on Mom's stove. It was amazing! So Mom bought me my own. I very happily made my first batch when I got home. It was good, although I burned the sugar a bit since I was trying to do it all myself.

Monday evening, the three of us went over to my friend Dereth's house. Dereth is also a big Harry Potter fan, and we decided (well, it was her idea) that it would be fun to have a Harry Potter-themed little bash since Harry and I share a birthday. Dereth had Potter-themed treats for us, including jelly beans (although NOT Bertie Bott's, thankfully), Hagrid's rock cake, and cockroach clusters. When we got there, she and I whipped up a batch of butterbeer (cream soda, ice cream, butter, brown sugar, all blended together). It was tasty! We added a bit of butterscotch ice cream topping, which was good, although in the end I think it was a tad too sweet.

Amy had fun playing with the Atkins, and especially enjoyed mooching butterbeer off Dereth

"Mmmmmm....I think I might like this...." Amy licking her lips after having some butterbeer off Dereth's spoon:

Apparently Dereth was too slow with the spoon, as my impatient and grabby daughter decided to stick her entire face in the cup instead of wait:

The result: Best. Mustache. EVER.

After being cleaned up by Daddy, Amy enjoyed playing on the piano (assisted by Thomas):


  1. You can laugh about me not turning on the oven, or anything else, but I bet you'll actually adopt some of these "laughable" practices as you age. I know I did, and my mom got the last laugh!

  2. Mom, I already AM adopting some of them! I don't think I've turned on my oven in almost two weeks!