Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Amy Turns One!

I feel like I have been nonstop busy the past few weeks! Wow! Definitely time to catch up on some updates.

It's hard to believe, but Amy turned one on August 3rd! The time has flown by so quickly. Where does it go? On the one hand, I'm blown away that she's been here for an entire year already; on the other hand, I can't really remember life before her! I am so lucky to have such a sweet, curious, lovable girl in my life. What would I do without her?

Amy and Daddy on her birthday (alas, we had to take her little jersey back as we realized when it was on her that it was rather poorly made and therefore not worth what we spent on it. At least we got photographic evidence):

A friend of mine from a mommy board online sent this Little Tyke car for Amy's birthday. She just loves it! She tools around the house pushing it and running it into everything. She loves getting rides on it, especially when Brett zooms her back and forth. So, as it was her birthday, I figured what the heck, let's let her run around naked for a little while. She grinned and headed straight for her car and just played happily while being stark naked. She was actually rather upset with me when I put a diaper back on her. Poor kid.

How happy I am to have such a blessing in my life!

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