Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Amy's birthday party

Amy's birthday fell on a Wednesday this year, so we had her party on Saturday the 6th. Several of our friends were invited, and we had it at Mom's house so that she and Heather and Chandra could be there. I was glad our friends were willing to drive the extra distance so my family could be involved. What great friends we have!

I made some appetizers to go with our cake. We had guacamole, bean salsa, and sandwich wraps. Deviled eggs were on the menu, but I had 3 batches of botched hard-boiled eggs and finally gave up. Alas. But now I know for future reference.

Then there were the cakes. I made a little 5-inch round cake for Amy. I thought her "smash cake" turned out cute! It was chocolate, with chocolate buttercream frosting. Brett helped me out by freehanding the outline of a butterfly on top, and I filled and decorated it.

The butterfly matched the big cake I made for the grownups. I used a butterfly-shaped pan, which was the equivalent of a 9x13. The cake got sliced into 2 layers, chocolate buttercream between the layers, vanilla buttercream on top. I thought it turned out really well, and there were not a lot of leftovers. Next time, though, I need to remember to smooth my frosting.

Of course, Amy made a HUGE mess with her cake. It was so adorable! I set the cake in front of her (after we'd stripped her down to her diaper), and she dove into it face-first! Yup, that's my girl. :D At one point, she got quite a bit of frosting up her nose. We were still getting chocolate out the next day. Ha! After licking the icing off a good portion of the cake, she started grabbing fistfuls of cake and shoving them in her mouth.

After getting a thorough bath from Daddy, Amy came back down much more presentable and opened presents (with help from Mama, of course). She was quite fascinated by the wrapping paper/tissue paper, but loved getting new toys (and a dress)! Her new toys are at the top of the toy box, and she loves to take them out and make sure they're strewn across the living room. She must think if you can see a square foot of carpet that she's not doing her job well. She definitely keeps Mama busy!

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