Sunday, January 10, 2010

Okay, so I'm a slacker....

Maybe it's just me, but somehow it often seems like I'm just SO busy, and then I look back and think that...well, not a whole lot went on that was actually noteworthy. Anyone else?

So December seemed busy, but not a whole lot really happened. We had another Dr's appointment and another ultrasound. Everything looked good and we got to hear little Nugget's heartbeat. Yeah...I totally cried. Not, like, a lot, but there were definitely tears. :) I can't help it. Nugget's starting to actually resemble a human more than a sea monkey now, which is nice. :D

I had to work on Christmas since we switch off holidays at the hospital. I had Thanksgiving off, so...Christmas it was. It actually wasn't all that bad. We celebrated the night before and had our best friends over for dinner since I refuse to cook a real turkey dinner for just two people. It was really neat, and Sue and Justin brought her brother Phil, who was in town for the holidays. I love cooking for company. It's just so much fun! I actually stuffed the turkey this year, which was a new experience. It turned out just fine, although I think I ended up cooking it a little long, because the temp dot popped out, like, an hour before it was really supposed to, and I thought "It can't possibly be done yet," so I left it in. The turkey was a little drier than last year's (disappointing), but it wasn't terrible. Maybe I'll trust the thermometer a little more next time.

I just have to point out that it's totally weird to think about the fact that by next year, it won't just be Brett and me....Holy cow.

Brett's parents drove down to see us a few days after Christmas. It was so fantastic to see them. We really miss Barry & Barbara. I got so used to having them just a few minutes away, and hanging out all the time, and eating Sunday dinner together. It's weird that they're five hours away now. I'm not really a big fan. So anyway, they drove down and spent a couple days with us. We hung out, and went ice skating, and just spent time together. It was really nice. Ha, and Brett totally scared some little kid. It was justified, though.

Well, I'm officially 11 weeks along and some change. I'm really hoping my symptoms taper off in the next few weeks. I don't like being exhausted 24/7, and nauseous....although quite honestly, I'm so happy to finally be pregnant that I'll deal with whatever. We got our first baby gift today, which really surprised us, but the Relief Society gave us a really cute baby quilt. After Sis. Fisher walked away, Brett and I looked at each other and were like, "Isn't it a bit....early for this?" Well, yeah, but I'm still happy to have a cute quilt.

Speaking of babies, Annette had her little baby girl a few days ago, Rebecah Eve. Joseph sent some pictures...she looks so adorable! Mom said Annette went home yesterday and is doing fine. I'm really excited for them. I bet Kimball will be a great big brother. Congratulations, Annette and Joseph!

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  1. I changed my blog background for the new year, and after checking your new blog post, I see that ours are very similar. Hopefully you don't mind your big sister having a blog background like yours! I'm glad everything is going well for you and your pregnancy... I'm very excited for you and Brett!