Friday, December 4, 2009

Ha! I can FINALLY write about this!

Sometimes I wonder how I ever manage to keep secrets. I just don't know. If it's someone else's secret, I'm fine, and I can keep my lips sealed til Judgment Day! If it's mine, however, I can't keep my mouth shut for very long. So, woo hoo! I've finally told the family, and now I can really spill the beans!

I'm pregnant! Gah!

Most people don't know, but Brett and I have actually been trying for about a year and a half, but my ovaries just weren't cooperating. I don't ovulate regularly (as in sometimes I skip up to six months!), so several months ago I started taking Clomid, which is a fertility agent that helps to promote ovulation. Not like, eight eggs at once or anything, just...normal ovulation. Coincidentally enough, though, the cycle I got pregnant was the first cycle I missed taking my prescription! I'd transferred my scrip to Walmart (since I work in a Catholic hospital, their insurance will not cover Clomid, and it can get VERY expensive depending on the dosage. Walmart? $10.) and there was some confusion about when it would be ready, and then they were closed before I got off work. (Really? 6 pm? Why would a Walmart ANYTHING close at 6 pm? I'm just saying.)

So at any rate, I didn't take my drugs this past month, and I didn't see any changes in my temperature to indicate that I'd ovulated. So, I got ready to start a round of progesterone, but I always take a pregnancy test just in case, since technically you're not supposed to take it while your pregnant unless your doctor tells you to. Imagine my surprise when that little line showed up!

Telling Brett was a lot of fun. I don't think he really believed me at first, but now that he's seen the tiny orange seed of a nugget on the ultrasound, he can't deny it! Ha! Nah, in all seriousness, Brett and I are both really excited (and really terrified) at the prospect of actually becoming parents. Wow. That still sounds weird.

It's strange sometimes, because at the big moments of my life, things just seem so...surreal. Like, is this really happening? Nah. Can't be. And then the logical part of me (yes, part of me really is logical) reminds me that yes, I am an adult, and I'm married, and I'm 23, and it's okay, because this really is happening. Still, it's hard to really come to grips with it. I have to admit, the thought of really being a parent is pretty scary. Hopefully our kids won't be too much like us, because if they are, we'll certainly have our hands full!

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