Thursday, January 21, 2010


Had another dr's appointment today. Everything is right on track for my due date of July 30. I was sad today because Brett didn't get to go with me, and I think it's really neat when he gets to. But it was still a really fun appointment. I love seeing the doctor. :)

One good thing was that I'm far enough along that I get to have normal abdominal ultrasounds now. Yay! Not that the other kind was terrible, but it was a little uncomfortable. I'm really glad that the mound of goo he put on my stomach was warm! So I got to see little Nugget again. Wow, was Nug active! He (or she--he is just so much easier to type, so I go with the sort of gender-neutral 'he') barely quit moving the entire time. It was really cute, because at one point we could see both of his arms up over his head, and Brett totally sleeps with his hands behind his head sometimes, so I started laughing. I got to see feet with toes, and hands with fingers. It was so much fun! Even Dr. Whalen was surprised at how much Nugget was moving (and kicking! Not looking forward so much to THAT in a few months). We got some good pictures, and I'm really happy that everything is going so well. I've been terrified of miscarrying, especially since it took us a while to get pregnant in the first place. I know something could still happen, but it's nice to be safely out of my first trimester!

I'm also looking forward to my worst symptoms hopefully going away. Granted, I hear horror stories about women having morning sickness their entire pregnancy, but hopefully that won't be the case with me! The biggest thing is the fatigue, though. It's not easy working 12-hour shifts when I feel like I need a nap after lunch!

We had lot of fun celebrating Brett's birthday with Mom, Heather, and Chandra. They're always so much fun, and the game night Heather had was a blast. We didn't do a whole lot for his actual birthday on Saturday, since I worked all day, but I did give him his gift--a Penguin's third jersey, which he's been wanting for AGES. He was so excited. It's really cute, because when he gets all thrilled about his present, it's seriously like watching a little kid at Christmas. His entire face lights up, and he gets this huge smile. It's fabulous. I love it. So, anyway, we had some friends over for dinner on Sunday and I made a delicious Tollhouse pie....yum. Actually Brett's request, although of course I was more than happy to make my favorite dessert!


  1. Yeah! on all accounts. So happy all is well in the baby department. I'm getting rid of all my old baby clothes, etc. so when you find out if it's a boy or girl let me know if you're interested in a new wardrobe. If it's a girl you're probably covered since your fam. has tons of girls, right? Also, most of my girl clothes were things that looked cute on Grace and were orange, yellow, bright colors. I don't have a lot of pale pink, so that may not be up your alley. No need to worry about offending. You want your baby to look cute and putting them in clothes you don't like isn't fun. I get that.

    Glad Brett had a fun birthday. Wish we could have been there to celebrate.

  2. So fun! I am just so happy for you guys. My morning sickness ended at exactly 12 weeks so....I'm crossing my fingers for you!

  3. Oh, please DO look forward to the kicking in a few months!! It's really the best part about being pregnant (aside from not having your period for nine months--THAT is awesome)!! It's the one thing that I miss the most about being pregnant. Feeling the baby kick is so neat!! After Gabriel was born, the absence of fetal movement was weird and sort of saddening. Sometimes I would wake up and be scared because I couldn't feel him--but then, of course, I would look over to see Gabe sleeping peacefully in his crib....

    Anyway, I'm super excited for you! Can't wait to hear if it's a boy or girl! You guys want to know, right?