Tuesday, August 21, 2012

MCBC 2012 (Part 2)

Continuing with some more activities the Ponies did....

The water slide, which is new since the last time I was at camp. I will readily admit, I was scared to go down this slide. It's steep, and long, and when you shoot out the bottom, you've about a 5-foot drop to the water. And it is FAST. But, I did it.

So, some shots of Ponies on the slide. Looking at the top, where you grab those yellow diamond-looking handlebars to hurl yourself over the ledge and onto the slide:

A shot of one of the boys starting out at the top, I was trying to let you see how big the slide is, but it's not quite capturing it:

And someone (I think Nikki maybe?) hurtling out the bottom:

Yeah. Scary.  So, what else did we do? There was archery, and low ropes courses (which are team-building exercises), the pool, water toys, tubing, and a nature exhibit from the department of conservation. It was a really awesome week! Plus we had evening activities, which included the opening campfire, a pool party, clown night, a cookout, the talent show, and the world-famous dance. So much stuff! Here are a few more random pictures.

Me driving a gold cart (yes, me). It's a long story, really. But, despite Uncle Larry, the camp director, taking us on a horribly frightening route over some awful terrain, I did not overturn or otherwise damage the golf cart or the 2 new counselors unlucky enough to be in my cart:

Me with Galen, a Pony boy's counselor, and Denae, the girl's Pony Group Leader:

Me with Chris Houska, a longtime friend, and now a fellow counselor:

It was really a blast. I had a great time, and so did my girls.

But why do I go? Stay tuned!

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