Friday, July 13, 2012

Broadening My Horizons

I have to admit, I've always been envious of people who are creative and crafty. Like my sister Kristin, for example. She always makes the cutest stuff! Decorations for different holidays, fun crafts with her boys, you name it. I've never felt like I had the talent for that kind of thing--or the patience! But, since getting onto Pinterest, I've taken more of an interest.

So, I've done a few things, have a couple in the works, and ideas for more projects that I would love to do. So far I've painted letters for the kids' room (I did Amy's name after she was born, so I did David's name), made a wreath for our friends' front door to replace this hideous thing the old lady before them left, sewed curtains for the kids' room, refashioned some flip-flops, and painted a canvas as a birthday gift (twice, because the first time I smeared the paint because I thought it was dry). Not too bad! I'm still not great at it and things tend to take me quite a while to do because frequently I have to do them over. But I'm really enjoying it!

A few things I have in the works: refashioning a little wooden step stool I found at Goodwill, sewing curtains for the kitchen and our bedroom, working on an easy & cheap pirate costume for Burn Camp in August, coming up with shelving for my spices in the kitchen, and re-painting the canvas I messed up. I feel so productive when I'm doing things like this! Plus, I'm discovering how much fun it is. No wonder my sisters craft! Although I don't know that I have the patience for quilting like Annette does.

I get all excited about prospective crafts now. A lot of the things I'd like to do I may as well wait until we have a house, since I'm severely limited on what I can do with a rental property. But, there are a couple of things I'm trying to get Brett on board with, including this adorable toddler-sized bench that actually looks simple to make and would be WAY cute in Amy's room.

I'll take some pictures of some of my recent accomplishments once I find the SD card for the camera. Not really sure what happened to it. It was probably swiped by a certain cute toddler who shall remain nameless. :)

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  1. I am in the SAME boat when it comes to crafting! I've never really felt any inner Martha Stewart...until Pinterest.

    It's so satisfying to look around the house and see awesome, cute, functional stuff - THAT YOU MADE!