Saturday, March 12, 2011

What a fun weekend!

The past couple of days, Brett's been on a skiing trip in Utah with his dad and his brother Bodie. I was really excited that he gets to do something so fun, especially since he doesn't get to spend a ton of time with his family these days. I was a little wary of spending the entire weekend alone with Amy, especially since I'm struggling with depression right now and get overwhelmed really easily. Fortunately for me, Mom asked me if I wanted to spend the night with them on Friday. So, I went down to Mom's Friday afternoon to help out with Heather and then party!

I guess I use the term "party" lightly. We didn't do anything extreme, we just relaxed and watched part of a TV series from BBC. It was a little slow, but I enjoyed it. Heather said the other ones she's watched have been way better, so I'm excited to watch some of the other series.

Mom and I made the most AMAZING flourless chocolate torte Friday afternoon. I was a little wary, as I've never made any flourless baked goods, and I was hoping it would turn out well. It most certainly did! It was just so moist and delicious. And there are so many different things you could do with it! The actual recipe calls for a chocolate glaze on top (which was good, especially since Mom also toasted some pecans and sprinkled them over the glaze). But you could do a white chocolate, whipped cream, some sort of fruity something. I think a raspberry sauce would be delicious, personally.

So I had a lot of fun, and it sounds like Brett has too. I pick him up from the airport tomorrow, and then this coming weekend we'll be going to see Sharon! I can hardly wait!

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  1. Glad you had such a fun weekend even though you were missing Brett.