Thursday, March 17, 2011

Further baking endeavors

Well, I'm still keeping on track with my goals, including the one about baking a new cake every month.

Every month the women's group has an activity. This month was a collective birthday party for all the women. The theme was so fun, and was based on a sort of play-on words about "Purse-onal" effects the women have had on each other. I was asked to make a cake, so I decided to go all out and make one in keeping with the theme.

The cake I made, and the picture it was sort of modeled off of:

It was an...interesting experience. It was a 2-layer cake. I free-handed the shape, and I wish I hadn't cut the angle so steep. Between the layers was chocolate frosting, chocolate ganache, and mini chocolate chips. I also added an "extra" ribbon on the bottom because the frosting cracked and broke when I transferred it to the cake.

Everything I read said to use fondant, but I really don't like fondant because it just doesn't taste good. So I discovered something similar to fondant, called "rolled buttercream". It's buttercream frosting, but it's made differently so it's more like a dough. The difficulty was that it wasn't as sturdy as fondant is. It took me FOUR TRIES to get the stupid frosting on the cake. After the third try, I was so frustrated that I balled the frosting up and threw it down on the counter. Poor Brett had to talk me down so I would finish it!

But, eventually I did. It turned out pretty well. The frosting was a little...gritty, almost. It wasn't as smooth as I expected it to be. I think if I were to do something like this again, I would just use fondant and flavor it with something. But it was well-liked, and enough people took some home that I didn't have any left! (Which was what I wanted since we're leaving town tomorrow.)

I'm looking forward to my next cake!


  1. You're so talented it looks delicious and pretty.

  2. Your cake looked really good! Probably the most useful purse I could think of having.