Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I love food.

So, how about a happy non-baby related post?

I really like food. I love cooking (most of the time), especially baking, and I really love to eat. It's just fun! I know that makes me sound like a cow, but I can't help it! I also really love hearing about the things my family cooks, like my sister Kristin who lives in Utah. She Facebooks a lot about what she's made for dinner. I somehow always manage to read it when I'm hungry, and my mouth starts to water every time! Everything she makes just sounds so yummy!

I also have really fun memories of food when we would go to visit my sister Sharon when they lived in Kentucky. She would make such fantastic desserts! Yum....I really want some chocolate truffle cake now. Also, I remember having a Passover dinner with her family once. That was really neat, and something I'd like to do again.

I have lots of opportunities for fun cooking/baking. I really love making treats at Christmas time. Especially fudge, which is so easy and so delicious! Also, there are some traditional foods in Brett's family that we make, like Czech food at Christmas and baklava at Easter (which we'll hopefully make tonight, yum!).

I was really excited for St. Patrick's Day this year, because I've been looking forward to making corned beef and cabbage. I remember having it growing up, and I always loved it. Last year I attempted, and as I recall, the meat was sort of on the tough side. I think I overcooked it that time. At any rate, this year I let the beef and cabbage cook in the crockpot on low all day, and then made some red potatoes when it was time for dinner. It was so delicious! The meat was perfectly tender, and the cabbage was tasty. The potatoes were good, too, but it was really the corned beef I was looking forward to! We're going to get another thing of corned beef to make, because we really want to make Reuben sandwiches, but now we don't have enough leftover beef. Because I ate it. I couldn't help myself, it was amazing.

I'm also really looking forward to summer when berries are cheaper again. I love fruit and yogurt bowl, and I'm so ready to have some yummy smoothies! I love berries, and peaches, and I'm really excited to eat lots of them! I seem to crave fruit all the time these days, so it'll be nice to actually find some good produce without spending an arm and a leg!

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  1. You know, the baklava magically shows up in the mail around Easter time. You don't have to make it. Although I've been thinking I should learn how to make it as well.