Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It finally happened.

Nope, not the baby being born. The bun is still in the oven.

I'm talking about this:

"This" being a deep, half-inch long gash on Amy's forehead.

What happened, you may ask?

The truth: I'm not entirely sure. I was putting David down for his nap, so I had my back to the door. Which is, of course, when something would go wrong. I heard a thunk and then immediate wailing. I feel kind of bad now, because I brushed it off and told Amy to stop fussing. But she's in this incredibly obnoxious phase right now where the slightest bump causes tears and howling for kisses and princess bandaids. I have no idea where this phase came from, since she's generally a very rough-and-tumble kind of kid.

At any rate, I closed David's door and went to comfort her, at which point I saw the gash in her head and a fair amount of blood oozing down her face. Oh. This is actually for real. I hugged her and got her calmed down, then asked her what had happened. She told me she'd hit her head on David's door. (I still can't find any blood where she made contact, but I believe her. From what I heard when it happened, it sounded like she was running--as usual--tripped over a toy, and fell into the door.) I called her pediatrician's office, who recommended that since it was on her face, we take her to the ER to get it looked at.

Long story short (too late): Amy and I went to the ER. They were incredibly fast, which was surprising. The doctor (a woman, much to Amy's excitement) was hopeful since it was a small cut that she'd be able to glue it, but it popped open much deeper than expected, almost to the bone. She couldn't get it to stay shut long enough to glue it, so she opted for stitches instead.

8 (or maybe 9?) stitches later, Amy was happy to not have to hold still anymore. She was a total champ, and had the nursing staff hooting at her antics. After her initial shock at home, she acted totally normal, which was nice, except it meant dealing with an energetic preschooler pretending to be a kitty on an ER gurney. :D She was very patient while we waited for 2 doses of topical anesthetic to take effect, colored, played with a couple of nurses, and belted out "Let It Go" while the doctor was stitching her up, complete with attempted arm gestures despite her arms being trapped. It was pretty adorable, and the staff was impressed at how well she remembered the song and sang it (mostly) on-key. They gave her a popsicle after the doctor was done, which of course thrilled her.

She's a cutie. :D Stitches are looking good and should come out on Thursday.

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