Thursday, June 19, 2014


I've been keeping busy with the kidlets this summer. Knock on wood, but since my morning sickness finally went away, I've actually been feeling really good this pregnancy (barring the usual fatigue/exhaustion, but that can't really be helped). So we have been hopping! With visits from cousins, grandparents, trips to the Magic House where we have a membership, the Zoo, the local water park where we have season passes, playgroup at least once a week, the kids have kept me chugging along (even if it is sometimes at a snail's pace). Add on to that the Shakespeare Festival here in St. Louis (which is AMAZING, free, outdoors, and this year performed both Henry IV AND Henry V), date nights, Brett being accepted for 2 different internships, and a presentation just last night I gave to kick off a donations drive for Missouri Children's Burn Camp, and I feel like I hardly get to sit down!

Wow. That's a really long list. It makes me tired just reading it!

At any rate, for the past few days my left hip has been bothering me. It's been pretty sore. I just kind of ignored it, because I know when I'm pregnant my body OVERproduces relaxin (which led to an incredibly painful condition with David's pregnancy called symphysis pubis dysfunction) and makes my joints really unstable. Wednesday morning I woke up with intense pain in my left hip. Again, I tried to ignore, and figured it had popped out of place (which happens occasionally while I'm pregnant) and that it would eventually pop back into place on its own. Didn't happen. Wednesday night, I tried to sleep on my right side because lying on that left side was really painful. For the most part I managed to stay off my left side, but I woke up a few times in pain, having rolled over in my sleep.

When I woke up this morning, I was in excruciating pain. I could barely move, let alone get out of bed. My left hip was just radiating pain, and my right hip had started hurting, too! Oh my gosh, it was just awful. I really can't begin to describe how badly it hurt. I hobbled around with a distinct limp while I helped get the kids ready, then took Brett to work. Once we got home, I called a friend of mine. I can't remember why I called her, but it didn't take long for me to mention my pain. She was concerned and suggested I see a chiropracter, and gave me the number for hers.

It may come as a bit of a shock to those who know how much of a "hippie" I am, but I've never seen a chiropracter before. Despite my chronic back pain. I just never really bothered, and since it's not covered by insurance, who wants to pay out of pocket for something like that?! (Right?)

At that point, I figured, really it can't get much worse, and I HAVE to be able to walk and climb stairs to take care of my kids. I didn't have much of a choice left. So I called Dr. Smith, and his office was able to fit me in this afternoon. My sweet friend offered to take my kids to the pool while I was gone so I didn't have to try to juggle them. So I dropped them off at the pool after explaining (mainly to Amy, who MUST account for my and Brett's whereabouts every moment of the day) that I was going to see a special doctor, who could hopefully help my hips not to hurt so badly.

It was a bit of a drive, but I got there, filled out my paperwork, and talked with the doctor's assistant. I got back to the exam room and met the doctor. And I kid you not, about half an hour later I was able to walk with almost NO pain. He adjusted my hips and pelvis as well as my neck and upper back, and commented that I was twisted up worse than anyone he can remember seeing. (Not that I'm surprised at that, given my pre-existing back issues PLUS pregnancy!) I was a little sore at first (and while he was poking and prodding, which definitely hurt when he hit sore spots), but the relief began immediately. Several hours later, I have absolutely no pain. It's amazing. I was skeptical, but really, what else could I have done (bar taking some serious pain meds, since no way would Tylenol have even touched the pain I was in)? I've never seen such immediate results before.

I realize this sounds like an advertisement. It's not. It's just so rare that I'm THIS impressed by something. I go back Monday for some additional adjustments, and I'm actually excited. I already feel better than I have in months. I'm curious to see what else the doctor can take care of!

Here's hoping the pain stays away and I can get a decent night's sleep tonight!

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