Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Fun!

I am the first to admit that I'm really not that into football. It takes too long. You get 10, maybe 20 seconds of action, and then a couple of minutes of nothing while everyone lines back up, repeat ad nauseum. So, not my favorite.

But, I LOVE a good excuse to have a party! I just adore spending time with friends over some incredibly yummy food. Who wouldn't?!

This year, Brett and the kids and I went down to our friends, Liz & Dustin's new house. (Which, by the way, is incredible.) I made buffalo chicken dip and attempted a version of crab rangoon (with mixed results), and also took down some Lofthouse cookies. Liz made a cheeseball, 7-layer dip (which I think of as her trademark, because she always does an amazing job), and little Smokies. We all ate ourselves silly while the menfolk watched the game and Liz and I "watched" the game. (Read: caught up on girl-talk.)

At one point, David apparently managed to snag one of the kids' plates from the table, and was face-first in it. I guess my son is also a fan of Little Smokies!

But really, with that face, who could get upset? He was so proud of himself. It was seriously cute, and no real damage was done to clothes or floor.

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