Thursday, September 8, 2011

It was bound to come out some time anyway....

I really try not to complain too much about being pregnant, at least not publicly. Brett gets an earful as often as I feel like it (poor guy). But I just feel awful, and it's taking over my life anyway. So.

I had completely awful morning sickness for several weeks my first trimester. Like, couldn't keep food down, throwing up several times a day morning sickness. It was horrible. I managed to eat potatoes a couple times a day (if I was lucky) and sometimes even managed to keep them down. I'm so grateful that phase of this pregnancy is over. It was way worse this time around than it was with Amy.

Once I hit my second trimester, I felt like I'd been run over by a semi with an oversized load--several times over. They say usually you get MORE energy during your second trimester. Wow, so not true this time around. I'm sure it doesn't help that I'm chasing around a very energetic child (who has now learned to walk AND climb). On top of THAT, I've had a lot of trouble sleeping lately. Last night I was so tired, I went to bed around 10. Didn't fall asleep until almost midnight. And then woke up around 3:30 AM and couldn't fall back asleep. I finally gave up a little before 7 and just got up for the day. I feel like death.

I've also been having some issues with contractions. There's some debate as to whether they're Braxton-Hicks or the real deal. Regardless, Brett and I spent a lovely few hours in Labor&Delivery this past Saturday. I'd been walking around a lot during the day, and noticed that night on our way home from the Blues Festival downtown that my contractions were awfully close together. Started timing them around 9pm, and they were 5 minutes apart like clockwork. About 45 minutes later, they were becoming closer together. I finally spoke with the on-call doctor around 10:30pm, at which point they were every 2-3 minutes. He told us to hightail it to the hospital, so we did. Despite being monitored for a couple hours, their machine wasn't picking up my contractions. (The RN later said that as early as I am--just shy of 25 weeks at the time--the monitor doesn't always pick them up since my belly isn't as big and hard as it will be later in pregnancy.) Did an ultrasound, and Baby David was doing just fine. He was still moving around a ton, so I wasn't really terribly worried about him. I wasn't dilated or effaced at all, so they sent me home.

Had my regular OB appointment scheduled for Tuesday anyway, so it was the perfect time for a follow-up. Apparently I have an irritable uterus. It's not an awful thing, but it can (and often does) lead to real pre-term labor, which IS dangerous. So I'm just supposed to be taking it easy and not doing much walking around. Other than that, I can continue my normal activity. Prayers would be very much appreciated at this point--I'm concerned that despite my best efforts, this will get worse.

I also did my test on Tuesday for gestational diabetes. I hate that test. I mean, if I need to have a bunch of sugar in my system all at once, why can't I just eat a candy bar or two? :D WAY better than having to drink that awful stuff they give you. At least the lab keeps it refrigerated, I'm told it's even worse when it's warm. So, I had to drink the equivalent of overly-sugary, flat orange soda. I HATE orange soda. In fact, I really hate any sort of 'fruit' soda. I think it tastes awful. So imagine my even greater distaste for the nasty stuff they make you drink. Yuck. The lab tech gave me the bottle and told me I needed to drink it within 5-10 minutes. I laughed and told her I was going to finish it as quickly as I could so I didn't have to taste it for long. I seriously stood there and just chugged it. She was funny and told me, "Dang, Momma! Slow down!" I laughed and said if it wasn't going to affect the test, I would finish it as fast as possible. She said it didn't, so I drank the rest of it. Seriously, it probably took me about 45 seconds, and that was because I paused for conversation.

I'm just glad that's over. Gross.

Hopefully this didn't come across as TOO whiney. If it did, well...I don't complain all THAT often. Hopefully I can take a Benadryl tonight and actually get some REAL sleep. That sounds so good right now.


  1. Glad that you and baby are a-okay!

    How does your 2nd trimester this time compare with last time (did you have energy in the 2nd trimester with Amy, or was it similar to now?)

    Everyone kept telling me how terrible the Gestational Diabetes sugar drink was, and when I had to do it, I was pleasantly surprised, but that's probably because I LOVE Orange Crush (but even lots of people I knew who don't mind Crush kept saying it tasted awful so I was just like "wow, not bad"). All the same, I think I chugged it as fast as you, just to get it done with. I can certainly see why it would be gross if you hate orange soda though!

  2. To my recollection, I had more energy with Amy, but I think part of that is also because I didn't have Amy to chase around! She's really active and can't really be contained in our little apartment anymore since she's become pretty efficient at climbing.

    I was hoping for the GD test this time around I'd get fruit punch, but they were out of it, alas. That would've (maybe) been more palatable. But at least it's not a huge thing, and since it ISN'T carbonated, it's easy to chug. :D