Thursday, September 3, 2009

And this is where my writer's block starts to show.

Another of the reasons I was hesitant about starting a blog was that I didn't want it to just be a 'fad' with me. I was afraid I'd get started, be all excited about it, and then realize....what the heck do I have to write about that's actually interesting?

It appears I've reached that point already. :) Maybe it's because I've been kind of overwhelmed this week. I hope that's the reason. I just can't seem to get my thoughts to actually form coherent sentences. At least, my interesting thoughts.

Not a whole lot is going on at the moment. This week has been crazy at work, given the whole Epic (electronic charting) thing. Switching systems and getting everyone on the same page is quite the process, and I feel bad for the nurses and especially the doctors. They have to put all their own orders in, and a lot of them aren't happy about it! We had a cardiologist who came in, struggle for a few minutes, and then refused to do it. He wrote all his orders on paper, handed them to our secretary, and then left. Needless to say, our manager made a couple of calls. A few minutes later, the VP of Medical Affairs (who happens to be my stake president) came down and had a little talk with the cardiologist. And what do you know? Somehow he managed to put in his orders.

Quite honestly, it's gone a lot better than most people expected, which is definitely a good thing. There are still some kinks we're working out, but it'll be okay. Let's see...what else? Um, I have class this afternoon, fortunately without lab. This professor is boring enough I'd like to whack him upside the head with his own textbook...figuratively speaking, of course. He reminds me a little bit of Mr. Nickless from high school, but a lot less amusing and a lot more irritating. The man repeats himself a million times, spends 45 minutes "refreshing" what we went over in the last class, and has a sort of monotone voice. Plus, it can't help that we're doing the basic chemistry chapter (which is apparently necessary in biology?), seeing as I had chemistry last semester and know far more about the subject than what is being taught. It makes for a really long class, especially when he spends a whole lab (2 hours) telling everyone what the most basic lab tools are and what the metric system is. When we've all had classes with labs before. Gah! At any rate, I'm looking forward to only spending an hour and twenty minutes with him today.

Brett has a half-day at work today. I love his half days! It means I get to spend all afternoon with him, although honestly we'll probably do something boring like...clean. Yuck. This evening is the monthly meeting of Burns Recovered Support Group. Since I already have plans that mean I can't go to the temple with Mom, I'm planning on going to the meeting. They're usually rather engaging, and it shouldn't come as a surprise that I enjoy sharing my opinions. After the meeting, Brett and I have play practice at 8, which should be interesting. I don't remember if I talked a whole lot about the play last time, but one of the directors (who happens to be a nonmember) totally reminds the cast of Simon Cowell from American Idol. Not in a bad way, he's not mean. It was just kind of funny because during auditions he would interrupt and his mannerisms were kind of similar. Other than the mean part, he actually seems really nice.

Well, I've run on a while. I'll try to get my more interesting thoughts together for my next post. Hopefully I don't bore anyone too badly!

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  1. Your writers block didn't actually seem to block your writing at all! Hopefully you will be able to keep finding topics to ramble about... I haven't had too much trouble so far, but I'm hoping that I don't come to a point where I have writers block!