Saturday, August 29, 2009

About the name

I always have a tough time naming stuff, whether it's coming up with a title for something I'm writing, or a character, or whatever else. So it's not surprising that I struggled with a name for this blog.

I knew fairly early that I wanted a reference to a phoenix. I've always loved the idea of a phoenix being reborn from its own ashes, and the whole fire reference feels appropriate. With everything that I've been through, and that my family has been through, it's not difficult for me to see a comparison. Regardless of what may happen, we come through it and we become stronger because of it. I especially feel this way about my own childhood, with the abuse that I endured and the burns that I have.

The actual name "Kiss of the Phoenix" came about first, because phoenix references appear to be fairly popular, and therefore a lot of phoenix names were already taken, and second, because I like the imagery of just being touched by the phoenix rather than consumed by it. I think it's fairly poetic, and being as dramatic as I am, I figured it worked.

And so a blog is born.

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